Book Review : Evidence of The Affair By Taylor Jenkins Reid

I unknowingly have been subscribed to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, so I said might as well take advantage of the books in the collection that you can borrow out monthly with your subscription. I found this short story which I devour in like an hour. It was so good. “evidence of the affair”. Is a short story by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It is an Amazon original story. It is so worth the short read and it’s very entertaining.

The story is told in letter format which makes it easy to read and follow. You see the letters between two couples. Carrie finds out her husband has been having an affair when she finds a letter written from her. Carrie somehow gets in contact with the woman’s husband and begins a crazy relationship with him via letter. In these letters they share information about the affair and soon begin a friendship. Together they uncover the truth about their partners and everything they ever feared to hear. They both lean on each other for support as their partners grow closer together or so we think ?

I would definitely recommend this book with you want a quick spicy read for your afternoon. It has many shocking turns and twists. The ending is very touching and unexpected.

This book contains topics of infertility, infidelity , sex, relationship issues , marriage and kids. It contains more mature topics so it is best to read this book if you are a more mature/adult reader.

Have you read it? Have you also been CONed into Kindle Unlimited ? 😂 What other books should I check out ?

Jules 💜

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