Poem: Love O’Clock by Jules P

I can’t turn back time

as much as I want to,

So my mind wanders back to Love 0’Clock

My heart races back to when we were

Just kids and

it was just so easy

To close our eyes and

be vulnerable

I want to feel

so close

I want to

marry the night

with you

as my knight

And wake up

tangled in sheets

on Sunday morning

The rain will pour ,

but the smell of the

roasted coffee

will tickle my skin

and wake me

I want to feel the tingles

and the butterflies

I want to feel what they call


I want to stop the time

and have us stay

in this moment ,

But all great things

must come to a finish line.

Will you cross it with me?

Because …..

I just don’t know if I can make it




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