Book Review: The Black Sisterhood Files by Kristina Naydonova

⭐️ 💫 Book Review 📚 📖

Vibe: Pretty Little Liars Meets Riverdale

The Black Sisterhood Files by @kristinanaydonova_ , had me hooked in the mystery of the novel from the very beginning. I could not stop reading and wanting to know more about the Black Sisterhood. To join the Black Sisterhood you must complete 5 secret tasks; ending with entering the House of Doom at last. However; once Lexie enters the House of Doom she comes in contact with The Cloaked One; the one responsible for the murders going on all over town.

As more and more murders begin to occur in Parkersburg, everyone is living in fear and locking their doors in hopes of not being the next victim. Who is this black cloaked figure? And who was he after ? And Why?

This book has many themes: peer pressure, fighting in, moving away, financial issues, family dynamics , mature topics definitely suited for ages 13++ . There is a lot of violence and death and murder described.

I personally enjoyed this short read, and as the first novel for the author ; I am definitely looking forward to know if there will be a part two of “The Sisterhood Files”. It would be interesting to find out what other murder mysteries that girls can solve.

Give it a try if you want to get into a new artist. If you have Amazon Prime it is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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