New Years Resolution

The new year is an emotional time for all of us. It is also a time of reflection, and a time to look back at all the growth we have made. Sometimes the growth is small, and sometimes it can be big. We should always embrace all the changes inside and outside of us that have occured. Sometimes it is not easy to notice the changes in us, but we can always look forward to how we want to improve ourselves.

This year has been very hard for everyone in different ways. Despite these challenges, we must be thankful that we are alive, healthy, and living. We have made it through the storms that crashed against us and made us feel weak, but each time we got back up and found a way to make it through the strongest wave.

As the year comes to a close: I would like to reflect on my New Years Resolution. I am not going to think about what I could have done in 2020 but focus more on what I want to continue to do in 2021. Below are a list of small resolutions I hope to accomplish this year:

  1. Put away my laundry as soon as I pull it out the dryer.
  2. Wake up early for work so I have time for breakfast and to think.
  3. Save more money and spend less money on take out.
  4. Read more books.
  5. Communicate my feelings better and not hold it in until it gets worst.
  6. Explore my city more.

These are some resolutions I feel will benefit me in the long haul and that I would like to continue to work on to improve my inner adulting skills lol.

What are your New Years resolutions ? Comment down below.

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