How To Bring The Romance Back into Your Relationship During Quarantine

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Quarantine has been tough for so many couples because of too much bonding time or because of lack of bonding time.

Quarantine has taken away so many things from us, but one of those things that many couples that are in quarantine together may feel they no longer have is privacy. Privacy does not mean that you are hiding something from your partner.

Everyone has friends and family that they like to talk to and spend time with on your own. Many people have been using zoom to stay connected, but that can be a bit weird at times if you want to have your girls or boys nights without feeling the pressure of having to attend to your loved one.

Whether you are married, in a relationship, or talking to someone, we all have been used to having our own personal time to ourselves. With quarantine, that option has been taken away for many people.

Too much Bonding Time:

1.together all day in the same room,

2.not giving each other space,

3.doing many things at home together

4. not taking time to do things on your own that you like to do for example hobbies, reading, watching your tv shows,

5. No personal time to call friends and family

6. Not feeling like you can do what you like to do all day without having to cater to that person’s needs.

Lack of Bonding time:

1.time spent together is not valued because of distractions with social media or devices,

2.maybe you both are working from home and that takes up a lot of your time, have kids so you spend most of the day trying to entertain the kids that by the time it’s time for you to spend time together you are way too tired.

4.Maybe you both aren’t working from home, so one of you staying home is causing distance between the both of you

5.You could live apart and now it is challenging to see each other or hang out.

Quarantine has relationships and bonding feeling like its at a standstill.

Here is How To Bring The Romance Back into Your Relationship During Quarantine:

1.Set aside time for bonding and relationship building. This doesn’t have to be everyday. You should set boundaries even if you aren’t living together on when is it an appropriate time to be together, call each other, video chat, or whatever activity you want to share together.

2. Shut off the devices and go on a hike together or long peaceful walk. There’s nothing better than being alone with your thoughts together, and being able to enjoy the scenery. No pressure.

3. If you aren’t much of hikers, maybe taking a drive or riding your bikes together can help bring some bonding and romance back into the relationship.

4.Order a romantic dinner for two from your favorite restaurant. Most restaurants are still closed, but you can still order out or pick it up and have a romantic dinner at home or even turn it into a picnic.

5.Look at old photos, videos, or talk about old memories together. Sometimes just looking back at the good times together helps spark up the relationship and motivates you to create more memories together.

6.Cook dinner together or make a cocktail together. Then sit back and enjoy it.

7.Does anyone still watch romance movies anymore? Watch some romance movies together or whatever kind of movie you enjoy together.

8.If you are not quarantining together, or maybe you live in different states, sharing a book together or reading a book together can be helpful to create a sense of bonding.

9.Buy each other a surprise gift or maybe make something for another. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but let it be thoughtful.

10.If you are living together, take a day to dress up and look nice for another. I know we all been bumming it out at home and that’s totally okay, but I know many of us are used to dressing up for either work or dates. Pick a day out the week where you both dress up and look your best for another.


What do you do to keep the romance flowing in your relationship during quarantine?


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