10 Signs You May Have a Toxic Friendship

Friendships are a beautiful bond between two people, but sometimes friendships could turn toxic. Especially after a few years of being friends, people get comfortable, and the true colors come out.

Friendships are tricky and sometimes people do not take time to fix their friendships and they give up on them too quickly.

DISCLAIMER: Only because your friendship or friendships may show signs of being toxic doesn’t mean that there is no way to fix those problems in the relationship.

Friendships are relationships, so they do require work, support, and reflection.

Here are 10 signs that your friendship may be going down the toxic route.

  1. They only share about their problems and they don’t make time for your feelings or thoughts.
  2. They may have negative comments about your ideas and aspirations.
  3. You feel like they may not support you in various forms whether it be in your personal life, work life, or just the small stuff.
  4. They lie a lot about everything and anything.
  5. They are never there for your special moments even though you are always present for there special moments.
  6. Whenever you share about something positive, they try to out shine your story like almost instantly.
  7. They have said rude comments about you, your family, other friends, or even a significant other that was unwarranted.
  8. They get jealous if you hang out or talk to other friends and may stop talking to you or start a drama. They may do this even though they may have other groups of friends that they hang out with and spend time with.
  9. They stop talking to you if you ever express how you may feel about problems in the friendship.
  10. They bad mouth other friends they may have separate from you to you or spill their person problems.

What’s your deal breaker for toxic friendships?


    • Lol lol. We all have friends like this sadly and it takes a lot of work. Working on a post on friendship building hope that will help for the future

      • I it is funny… I literally wrote a blog post moments ago with these exact points you listed… I am not even kidding. I’ll stay tuned 🙂

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