Intuitions are so real that it’s scary. You could assume something is going on, and then all of a sudden you come to find that that it is going on. It is important to always trust your heart and especially your mind. When you have God on your side, he will always show you the signs that will illuminate what the naked eye is too blind to see. This weekend has been a week of realizations, and I am happy. Finally, saying goodbye to what has been hurting me all along.

And friendships they could
Be everything you ever wanted
Or your worse nightmare
Laughter and joy or
Drowned by a sea of jealousy
So deep that
I can’t seem to pull you out
You’re in so deep, darling
I can’t seem to save you
For your betrayal has
Not only angered me
But turned me away from you

Never be the fool the third time around.

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