10 Self-Care Tips You Need to Start Doing Immediately!

Everyone is always telling you to take care of yourself and that you need to take time for self care. Now I am going to tell you again. Taking care of our self is just as important as the care we give on to others. I know we have been taught to not be selfish and always think of others, but there comes a time where you also have to take care of yourself. Depending on who you are this could look very different.

No matter how you put it, there was no time for it but it’s up to you to squeeze it into your day to day life. No, this does not mean waiting until Friday/Saturday/Sunday to do it. You can embed self-care into your day to day schedule by just taking at least 5 minutes for yourself.

Below are 10 tips to promote more self care in your life in just under 10 minutes or less.

1. When you wake up in the morning take 5 minutes to reflect on your goals for the day. Even if it means writing down a quick note in your iPhone or notebook/journal/planner. Start with a positive mindset and you will see how this can change the whole outlook of the day. I know most days I wake up dreading the work ahead, but if we did the total opposite and made a list of the good things we plan to do for the day; this can change your total outlook for the day.

2. After a long work day, go have a picnic or have a seat in the park. Even if it’s for 5-10 minutes just being in nature can be so relaxing. Especially if you live in a city. It can be hard to find a spot for you to relax and get a peace a mind. Find an area in your neighborhood where you can get that peace even if it’s just right in front of your building, house, or just taking a short walk.

3. Take a bubble bath or just take a shower. Something about a hot shower just makes you feel so much better and so much more relax. I don’t know. After I take a hot shower I feel brand new and ready to take on the world.

4. Read a book. I love reading during my downtime and just escaping to a new universe.

5. Watch a tv show, movie, listen to a podcast.. etc. They call it Netflix and chill for a reason. Yes even if you are chilling by yourself.

6.Sit in silence. So many people underestimate the power of silence. It is something that gets overlooked. That could be a moment to reset and recharge.

7.Spoil yourself and order some take out! Cooking adds more chores and less time for self care. Order some take out and save some time for yourself today.

8. Stretch your body out. Especially after a long work week we might forget that we actually have to stretch our bodies out.

9. Take a 5-10 minute break from social media. We all know social media can be exhausting and bad for our mental health especially when you are very likely to compare yourself to others. We don’t do it purposely sometimes. We just see something and naturally our mind starts thinking about what we are doing. Taking these social media breaks even if it’s for 5-10 minutes where you are not looking at it can do amazing for your mental health.

10. Make a list of things that make you happy. Choose one thing from the list that you can realistically do at the moment. Sometimes we set ourselves for failures because we set impossible expectations. When doing this, make sure you are choosing things that are possible to do because then that get set you back.

What do you do for self care on a day to day basis? Share down below in the comments. You never know who you may help out.


  1. Thank you, Jules,

    Each morning I start my day by getting in a humble position on my knees and say a little prayer. Then I make my bed, spend time fixing my sweetie breakfast, then out the door for my morning walk of 4-10 miles. The first hour of the walk is spent with 5 minutes of quiet still meditation, and then a meeting of NA listening to others share their experience, strength, and hope of how they live their lives in recovery.

    I attend several other meetings throughout the day while basking my spirit in love with helping others. I constantly journal thoughts that race in my head and constantly write on my blog gloryb2god58.wordpress.com.

    There is nothing more soothing than to get out my yoga mat and stretch, especially spending extra time in that baby pose. I can feel the relief as I type. I read constantly and usually the night read is a romance, normally Brenda Jackson. It hurts nothing to eat a few pieces of dark chocolate throughout the day.

    I appreciate your blog. Take care.

  2. Just reading this was so relaxing in itself. Thank you for sharing your wonderful routines. I love stretching! Been thinking of investing in a yoga mat!

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