Book Review: Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Year 2 of the Series is just as good as the first. In this book Harry is in his second year of Hogwarts. He is starting to learn more about his family and about himself. He is still the most loved and most hated person at Hogwarts but he continues to get protection and support from Ron, Hermonie, Hagrid, and Dumbledore.

As always there is a mystery that needs to be solved in the school. This time there is someone turning all the students to stone. Everyone is suspicious of each other and Harry is trying to figure everything out. What is the chamber of secrets? Who knows about it and what secrets can be unlocked from it ?

This book was so good and had me turning each of the pages til the end. Reading this series as an adult has been insightful. I am seeing it in such a different way. There are so many themes that could be explored beyond the magic. Harry Potter is going through so much at such a young age. He is clearly experiencing some kind of PTSD from losing his parents to Voldemort while trying to learn about this new world that has so many people he can’t even trust or that are simply out to get him and see him low.

His adopted family , The Dursley, want nothing to do with him and basically make him feel like crap for being a wizard and are not shy about rubbing it in his face that he is an orphan and why. He needs to hide his true self from them and they don’t care to disrespect him at any given moment. Even though Harry Potter was an orphan he was rich thanks to his parent fortune. Even though he had money he was never happy when going home and being at Hogwarts was the best time of his life. We see that many times in schools, where schools are an escape for many students. Hogwarts was like a sanctuary for Harry where he felt secure but not always safe.

Harry Potter has many enemies and many show themself threw while others hide behind dark magic.

What did you think of the second novel? Comment down below. Review for Book 3 coming very soon! I already devoured that one 😂😂.

Jules 💜

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