Poem: Be My DreamCatcher by Jules

I have a dream catcher above my bed

With your initials engraved

Because it’s not the bad dreams I want to catch

Is the good feelings you bring me when you’re the main character in my fantasies

You make my heart race when my body is laying still

Dreams come and go

But you are all I see


Patterns of bright red frequencies

They calm me

They make me want to stay asleep

Eyes closed , darkness behind my eyes

I’m lost in the abyss of your presence

The dark hole of the feelings we never spoke out loud

Only in the darkness

Where the rest of the world was afraid to look

Waiting to see just a glimpse of your lips

Because that’s all I need

&; that’s all I’ll ever have for now

Because when I open my eyes

You’re too far away for me to catch you

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