10 Things To Do at Home During Quarantine With Friends via Zoom!

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 9.33.22 PM

Being in quarantine has us all missing our friends and wanting to spend time together. Zoom is an amazing video calling app that allows you to video call with friends and family.

People have been using it for work , school, and now we are going to use it to stay connected with our friends. Lo

  1. Zoom paint nightfollow a YouTube video, freestyle, or book an online class with a local paint and sip in your area. Many places are offering online experiences and resources for their customers. https://www.musepaintbar.com/ (NYC Based)
  2. Watch an online live concert
  3. Start a book club and host your meetings via Video chat or conference call.
  4. Brunch via Zoom!The more the merrier ! Everyone makes their own dish and meets up for some brunch and don’t forget your mimosa ! You don’t have to wait for you food, so that saves a lot of time for drinking and chatting.
  5. Game Night via Zoom: play popular games like : charades, cards against humanity, evil apples, Pictionary or trivia
  6. Movie nights on Zoom using Netflix Party ! – Watch a movie together on Netflix Party.
  7. Take a virtual trip. Many museums , aquariums, and zoos are allowing people to access live streams of the animals and exhibits. You can take a virtual trip with your friends and it will almost feel like being there while still getting to enjoy the art and the animals.
  8. Celebrate a friends birthday or host a themed party via zoom. Have a party. Everyone could wear party hats and make it feel like you are really together as much as possible. Themed parties can range from “throwback thursday parties, make up parties, dress up parties, super-hero themed, whatever floats your boat.
  9. Sing Karaoke – Use Youtube to stream tons of music with lyrics already made by other users and have a karaoke night !
  10. Act out a favorite play or musical


What have you done or been doing  to stay connected with friends ?

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