Book Review “The Paper Swan” by Leylah Attar 


“We are sand and rock and water and sky, anchors on ships and sold in the wind. We are a journey to a destination that shifts every time we dream or fall or leap or weep. We are stars with flaws that still sparkle and shine. We will always strive, always want, always have more questions than answers, but there are moments like these, full of magic and contentment, when souls get a glimpse of the divine and quite simply, lose their breath” – Leylah Attar 

It has been a while since a romance novel has gripped me so tightly that I found myself rooting for a happy ending. The characters are so uniquely different that you automatically form a bond with their words. I don’t usually read romance novels, but this one is so much different. It has culture, it has action, it has love, and it has depth. This is a love story like no other and I wouldn’t be mad if they turned it into the movie. It’s a page turner like no other. I found myself lost within the actions begging to know more. 

It’s rare to see a love story that forms out of such a dark beginning. I am interested to hear everyone’s opinion about the novel. Skye has been kidnapped by someone she never imagined could come back into her life again, and in such a dark way. Follow Skye as she uncovers the mysteries of her past. All the questions she always searched for answers for are finally being revealed. Now how will she handle this new truth ? 

“The Paper Swan” is full of so much mystery. Every chapter brings out more answers than you every thought to asks. The story is told in the points of view of Skye and her kidnapper. Leylah Attar is an amazing writer. I fell in love with her words from the very beginning. This is not only a great work of fiction, but it is a novel that teaches you so many life lessons that you can feel inspired by every day. As I read through the novel, I found myself highlighting every step of the way. 

This novel is a great balance of art. I believe both men and women would enjoy reading this book. It is almost autobiographical. As I read the book, I felt like I was reading someone’s true life story. The plot is so uniquely different you won’t feel like you read this story before. This book is a great read; it will have you feeling every emotion. You will cry, you will feel anger, you will feel love. There will be many parts of the book that will have you at the edge of your seat until the very last page. 

My only fear when I first started reading this book was that it would be too dark. I normally read really dark novels, and I was starting to want to try something a little lighter. I am so happy I went with “The Paper Swan.” It offers the proper balance where it’s not to overly dark but not to overly lovey dovey. There are some sex scenes but not overly raunchy. It gives all readers an opportunity to enjoy an aspect of a book without feeling entirely turned off. By the end of the book, you will feel like you experienced something so special.

I hope you give this book a try. Let me know what you guys think. 



You don’t always get the treasure by holding on. Sometimes the magic happens when you let go. – Leylah Attar. “The Paper Swan”

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