Reading Harry Potter From the Beginning

Hey all !!

I started reading Harry Potter From the Beginning! Can you believe I have never read the book. I am finishing the second book now (Chamber of Secrets) , but I am hooked ! I am looking forward to starting the third book soon! As I am reading, I am just shocked at everything Harry had to go through even if it is a work of fiction the characters are obviously very human. I can’t wait to see what else Harry gets into. Another fun fact, I never watched the movies as well. Well not all. I think I saw the first 2 and then I stopped.

I have been busy getting the podcast up and running make sure you check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Anchor, Pocket Casts & many more coming soon. We will be chatting about tons of topics similar to my blog but not limited to current events, relationships, pop culture, books, comedy, life, advice, conspiracies omg !! True crime . We love it all. We are just some diverse chicas . I think the only thing I left out is the music and that just comes without saying.

Harry Potter Collection 😍😍

The first episode is called : Family Judgement and to give a sneak peak here the second episode that will be airing next Wednesday May 5, 2021 (have your margarita ready! ) will be about remote working and learning and everything we have been going through this year.

Have we gotten comfortable with being at home all the time or are we ready to go back to work ? I am not ready to let go of neither. Make sure you listen to both podcast and subscribe and follow !

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As the work week comes to the end, I am just glad that the end is almost near and I can take a breath of fresh air. I am feeling hopeful and blessed and look forward to enjoying the summer. Hopefully this pandemic leaves us quickly so that we can go back to living normally .. whatever that is, but I’m hopeful.



  1. Enjoy the books! I’m reading them to my children now and love doing so even though I’ve read them myself already, but that was over a decade ago :-).
    As a teacher, I do cringe at some of the stuff the teachers do/say, but then again, it’s a wizarding world ;-).

    • I am a teacher too !!! I think that’s why I was bothered lol. You are right it is a wizardry world so we have to take it for what it is. That’s so cute that you are reading it to your kids. How old are they? I hope to read to my daughter when she’s older.

      • They are just about 9 and 7. I’m so glad we’ve moved on from reading the same children’s book every day for two weeks 😆. How old is your daughter?

      • She is 7 too ! I am so happy for you. She is also addicted to similar books but she just started reading Dog Man on her own, and she seems to be interested in the Harry Potter because every time I read it she asks me a lot of questions. Maybe I will start reading to it to her soon.

      • My daughter is the 9 year-old one. My son will start learning to read from September onwards, in 1st grade. It’s such a joy to see how my girl enjoys reading and diving into stories!

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