Poem: EarthQuake by Jules Parra

Anytime I try to open up my doors

I’m forced to close them back shut

Afraid there will be an intruder

That will steal my heart & leave it broken

It’s like watching your heart break a million times

Wanting to pick up the pieces but always making sure your pieces were always just right

When did I stop loving me ?

When did I stop caring about my sanity?

I drove myself crazy in a sea of doubt

But as I dove deeper – Everything just made So much sense

Since the keeper of my heart

Was bringing more danger than comfort to my sanctuary

It made sense at the time to be selfless

Sometimes I’m brave but mostly I am outspoken

I learned to dream and ask for more than I was chosen

I want to give my heart a rest but here I am

Heart beat rest less

My chest has had its 4th earthquake today

&; I don’t think that I can take anymore damage

I allowed the ring , the promise, but I’m not going to push the carriage

The dreams will wash away if they are not fit to survive the tide

I’ve waved the storm, but the crash just keeps getting me weaker

Weakness has left me helpless and ready to let go

I’m ready to lead where the waters take me

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