5 Must Have Products To Add To Your Curly Hair Routine

Curly hair always needs some extra tender love and care. Below is 5 must have products that you should add to your curly hair routine. I don’t necessarily use all of these in all my hair routines but I do use Atleast one of them in my daily routines which is why I feel these are must have products. These products are also very budget friendly besides the Monat brand product. I will get to that later on in this post.

Curly Hair Products

1. Cantu Leave In Conditioning Cream

This products is my step one when styling my hair. It leaves your hair feeling so soft and smooth and ready to add a gel or any other product you may add additionally to your hair to style. I have also used this leave in cream all on its own and it leaves my hair looking fluffy and soft, which is my favorite.

2. Not Your Mothers Royal Honey and Kalahari Desert Melon Leave In Conditioner

I love leave in conditioners in my hair routine. I used this one to untangle my hair. Also, I find that I also use this product on refresh days to add extra moisture to the hair. It is very light weight and doesn’t make your hair feel heavy or greasy.

3.Cantu : Moisturizing Curl Activating Cream

This cream is perfect for when your curls need some extra bounce. Especially after having it straight for a while or maybe a while since the last wash and go. This cream is amazing and you instantly see your curls bouncing back. You can also use this product to refresh your curls.

4. Cantu Coconut Cream

This is just a very light cream that you can add in combination to a gel or another heavier cream. It depends on the look you are looking for. When I’m just going to be at home and I just want to have a light style with not that much hold I use the Coconut Cream. I would normally mix it with the Bounce Curl Gel.

5. Monat Rejuvabeads

This product is amazing and it was recommended by a friend that saw an instant improvement on her split ends. I have used it on my hair and my daughters hair. Our ends are normally very dry and brittle. After adding this product to my routine I notice my ends are more bouncing and just look shiny. You can apply this product on wet or dry hair which is perfect because it can also be used in refresh days.

Bouncy Curly Hair

What are the must have products in your curly hair routine? Comment down below .😄

Jules 💜

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