Poem: Glow by Jules 💜

It comes and it goes

It shines and it glows

I rock back and forth till it flows

In warm soft blankets, I never felt more worn

Shoulders tense, jaw clenched

I can’t let go &

My mind over what truly matters

Imagination : having such a strong grip on my heart

Running out of breathe before catching the next big break

I stumble and I trip , but I never quiet land right with you

I blink once and you can’t tell me what’s true

I blink twice and it’s like you were never fair

Always two steps ahead but never in alignment

But I somehow got used to this type of confinement

It comes and it goes

When it’s real it grows and it flows

It flows when you breathe life into it

It has the will to live when you want it to exist

And now just be …..

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