Thirsty Thursday: New Years Resolution #1 : Drinking More Water

This pandemic has been terrible for our livers. When do you stop drinking when the days are endless? Now we have a bad habit, and this bad habit is drinking way too much liquor and not enough water.In 2021, let’s make water our favorite drink. Let’s have it more often.

If you can have 3-4 cups of wine or coffee per day, you can drink a couple of glasses of water. Below are 10 tips you can use in order to drink more water in 2021. Let me know which tips you found useful in the comment section or any tips that have been helpful before.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Drink More Water

How To Drink More Water

  1. Research how much water you should be drinking per day. The amount of water you drink can vary depending on your size, age, or body. You should definitely research how much water you need to drink before you make a plan to any amount of glasses of water.

2. Drink water the moment you wake up. Add drinking water to your morning routine. Drinking water the first thing you wake up is very good for your body, and automatically hydrates your body after a long night of sleep.

3. Get a pretty water bottle that you love, so that you are motivated to take it with you everywhere. You can even get one of the cool ones that track the amount of time that has passed between hours. (Click the image of the bottle for the link to purchase the bottle).

Water Bottle That Encourages Water Drinking

4. Keep the bottle close to you all the time. Have it next to you all the time. If you see it, it will motivate you to drink it.

5. Drink water after every bathroom break. Keep your body hydrated !

6. Drink a cup of water before every meal. Also drinking water can also help you curve your appetite because sometimes we can feel hungry but it’s actually that our body is asking for water.

7.Keep track of how much water you are drinking daily. Keep a journal or mark it on a calendar. Everytime you drink a glass or bottle of water you should jot it down in one place, so that you can compare this data when noticing if you are improving the amount of water you are drinking.

8. Set a reminder on your phone to drink water every 1-2 hours. Think about how often you want to drink water. Set a reminder to remind you to drink water at specific times.

9.If you love to drink alcohol, drink 1 glass of water in between each drink to balance out the amount of water in your body at any given time.

10.Invite someone to join the water challenge with you. Hold each other accountable.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated to drink water?

Jules ❤


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