How To Stay Motivated on A Long Term Goal

Our patience runs thin when you have to wait for something to happen. When it’s something you have to work hard for on a day to day basis it can be challenging to stay motivated. Today I have 5 tips to help you stay motivated on a Long Term Goal.

1. Work on long term goal on a daily / weekly basis.

Do something for your goal every day or on a weekly basis. Think about what your goal requires you to do whether it’s big or small. Break up big tasks into smaller task that you can accomplish at your pace.

2. Focus on the end result

Stay focused on the end results and how and where you want to be in your time frame. The steps to get to the goal are always the hardest because you have to deal with all the setbacks and waiting. Focus on the end results and the things that you can actually control.

3. Track your progress

Since this is the long term goal, it’s important that you monitor your progress. Track how much progress you have gained towards your goal, weekly monthly, quarterly, yearly ? Base it on where you want to be in x amount of time. Adjust when you need to adjust. That’s the purpose of progress monitoring because based on your circumstances you may have to make changes that can prolong your goal or bring it closer. It truly depends on your situation.

4. Don’t compare

Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Do not compare yourself to what other people are doing, their results, or how quickly they accomplished their goals. Everyone has their own unique stories and their own circumstances. Not everyone is going to accomplish their goals at the same time or in the same way. Be open to sit in that notion.

5. Be flexible

Long term goals can take months , years, decades… who knows but you. That being said, with the times that are passing you should also be flexible to the changes you may have to make to make your goals come true. Year after year, circumstances change. Part of growing up is knowing when it’s time to adapt and change to meet the environment.

What do you do to stay motivated ?

Comment down below.

Jules 💜

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