15 Reasons Why Your Wash And Go Isn’t Lasting

Day One: Your wash and go looks amazing and you never seen your curls look so alive.

Day Two: curls are dead and dried, and you might as well wash it again.

If you are having these issues, you may be making some of the mistakes listed below, and that’s okay. Having curly hair is about trial and error and knowing what works with your hair and what does not.

1.You aren’t deep conditioning enough .

2. You aren’t sleeping in a pineapple, bonnet, silk pillowcase, silk wrap, some type of overnight protective style 

3.You don’t have the proper products to refresh your curls.

4.You touch your hair too much .

5.You didn’t apply enough product or too much product. 

6.You need to drink more water .

7.You need to change your shampoo and conditioner. 

8.You aren’t using the proper products to style your curl types. (Yes you can have more than one curl type).

9.You diffused on high heat and it frizzed up your curls too much .

10.You may have to try a gel with more hold or try products with more hold.

11.You have split ends. Take care of your ends. 

12.You have to change your curly hair routine for the change of season, weather, or humidity.

13.You’re washing your hair too much and drying out essential oils that belong in your hair.

14.You need to add hair masks into your hair care routine.

15. You need a haircut or re-shape.

I hope this list was useful in helping you take care of your curls throughout the week. Stay tuned for more curly hair tips.

What’s the number one reason your curly hair routine isn’t lasting?

Jules ❤

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