How To Keep Curly Hair Moisturized In The Winter

The winter hair makes curly hair a little bit more dryer. Great because keeping our hair moisturized wasn’t hard enough. Below are 10 tips you can use to keep your hair extra moisturized during the winter months.

1.Wash your hair at night or leave your home after your hair is FULLY dried before stepping outside. Stepping outside with wet hair can cause your hair to literally freeze which will add more dryness to your hair. Air dry at home or diffuse.

2.Stay away from heat as much as possible. If you do apply heat MOISTURIZE BY DEEP CONDITIONING and applying heat protectants.

3. Deep Conditioning. Deep conditioning is the most important part of having curly hair. If you do not moisturize at least 1-2 times a week you are doing your curls a whole disservice. During the winter it is important to keep your hair moisturized so getting a good deep conditioner that you can apply to your hair during your wash days will do all the difference in how your hair reacts to the cold weather.

4.When washing your hair, co-wash. Try to only use shampoo. once every two weeks or longer depending on your hair type. Some people need to shampoo their hair more often depending on their hair type. That is okay. Just know how much shampoo your hair can handle before it begins to feel dried out. I usually shampoo my scalp once and then I co-wash and apply my Cantu Leave In Conditioner.

5. Refresh your curls between wash days with leave conditioners and creams. Apply split end menders that will help continue to seal the curls together during the cold winter days. If you use oils, you can also apply oils.

Refresh your curls

6.Finger coil your hair at least once every two weeks to train your curls. The more hold and form your curls have the better they will look when the cold wind does hit them.

Loose finger coils to reinforce natural curl pattern

7.Drink lots of water. The more water in your body, the more moisture in the curls.

8.Wear a hat or scarf whenever possible when going outside during the cold days. This will protect your curls from the brisk cold air as much as possible.

9.Applying steam to your hair. If you do not have time to wash your hair twice a week. Something I usually doing is going in the shower steaming hot shower with a bun on my head. I left the steam of the shower hit the bun and the frizzier areas of my hair. I then grab some of my deep conditioner, and I apply it on my hair. I wrap my bun back and let the steam hit it a second time. Lastly, I style my hair as I usually would after the shower. This time I may apply a little more extra curl cream, so that I can seal in as much moisture as possible.

10. Trim your ends and continue to moisture and give your ends a lot of extra tender love and care. You do not want to cause anymore breakage that can be completely avoidable.

What do you do to keep your curly hair moisturized during the winter? Comment down below.

Jules ❤

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