How to Wind Down After A Long Work Week (Yes even from home)

The beginning of the week could be so hectic . You’re so tired and you spent half the week trying to recover from the weekend, so you want plan to have so much done before the weekend, so you can rest on the weekend,but then it’s Thursday afternoon, and nothing is done, and you know this weekend is going to be wasted again!!! 😬😬😬

I’m trying to put away the laundry that’s been there since the beginning of November might as well wash it again. That becomes a daily cycle of a working person especially these days.

You find yourself coming home from work or logging off of your computer if you’re working from home. If you get to close your computer, lucky. It’s great to have a list of go to things that you can do when you want it automatically take a break from work even if you have to go back and open the laptop in another hour, but Atleast you took a moment to whine down and not be so anxious.

Below is a list of things you can do to wind down after work or during your work breaks and I hope these are helpful feel free to share any of your ideas down below

1.Take a nice long hot shower

2.Read a book.

3.Make a list of things that make you happy or you are thankful for.

4.Listen to music.

5.Watch a movie or favorite tv show.

6.Write in a journal.

7.Drink tea and relax.

8. Get a massage or use a foot spa.

9.Lay down. close your eyes. Think about nothing.

10. Do yoga. YouTube is your best friend .

11. Play a game.

12. Meditate.

13. Listen to calming music or white noise as you relax.

14. Dance to anything.

15. Paint or draw.

16. Go for a run and exercise.

17. Work out or stretch.

18. Talk to a close friend or loved one.

19. Listen to a podcast

20. Have a spa day

21.Holds hands with significant other with watching a movie. (If single a blanket or heated blanket will do lol).

What are you doing this three day weekend to wine down ? Comment down below. Jules 💜


  1. Thank you, Jules. I write to find solace in a busy day. Meditation is top-notch on the list, as well, and certainly, music plays an important role. Right now, I am listening to “Turiya & Ramakrishna by Alice Coltrane.” I definitely love that my Jasmine essential oil is blowing in the midst. Every day is relevant that I find ways to stay connected with my innermost important person, and that’s me; it’s like to appreciate the air I breathe is a precious rescue to know that it’s in the moment that really counts. Enjoy life!

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