10 Things You Should Be Organizing This January 2021!

The New Years comes and we become inspired to get our lives together. Organization is one of those things that is mainly on our goals list. When you have organization in your every day life and routines , it makes day to day life easier especially when you wear many hats in your household and in your work.

Below are a list of 10 things that you should be organizing now !!!

1. work desk and home desk. Get rid of items you don’t need anymore and any unnecessary clutter. Organize your work or home desk to be a place where you would feel productive. I love to call my desk area my happy place.

2. drawers / closets . Yes get rid of that shirt you haven’t worn since 2014. Fold and put away clothes. Hang up the clothes you need and the rest give them away. Stop buying clothes you aren’t going to wear more than once😤. That’s not another story …

3. computer files. Sigh I am guilty of having a bunch of files alllllll of over the place. Goals is to organize files at least twice a month. Delete files you don’t need and organize the ones you want to save into folders.

4.digital photo albums. Our phones are where most of us keep 99% of our photos. Make sure you are always backing up your photos to iCloud or google photos. I know places like One Drive also allows storage of folders. Always have a back up for your images.

5.bills !!!! (Yes this is important especially if you have auto pays scheduled on multiple cards) #adultinghacks

6. Organize mail !! Digital and physical mail at that! Shred and get rid of mail you don’t need.

7.kitchen cabinets. Yes go through the pantry and throw out what hasn’t been touched all year. Make space for new healthier options that you are actually going to use.

8. Kids’ rooms. Yes sometimes we let it turn into the jungle but once in a blue we have to go in there and make sure everything is organized and easy to maintain by the child. Even including your child in the process of the organization can set the whole household for success.

9. Organize important documents like birth certificates, socials, marriage documents , tax forms etc . Make sure you know where they are, and organize it into one folder that you can easily grab.

10. Phones. Yes ! We are on them all day and sometimes we don’t take a moment to organize the very machine that keeps up running. Friday’s are a great day to look back at the week and organize your phone. I usually do it on Sunday nights as well. I organize my phone in a way that makes it easy for me to navigate and get my day to day task dones.

SOOO what are you organizing first? Comment down below.

Jules ❤

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