My 2021 Digital Vision Board

Vision boards are a perfect activity to do in the beginning of the year or whenever you see fit to set goals for yourself and manifest positive growths in your life. This year I have been humbled and have learned so much about myself. I want to continue to growth from within and reach my goals.

To make the vision board:

1. I simply looked up pictures from Pinterest and We Heart it To get ideas for my vision board, I searched on Pinterest and We Heart. I searched things that I liked like hair, cats, reading, traveling, saving money etc. Think about goals you have for the future. Even about a mindset you want to be on for the year. You want to manifest positive vibes your way, so you want to make sure that your vision board has your perfect vision for the year.

2.Then I saved the pictures on my iPad and I used Google Slides to make a collage. I added the pictures onto a blank slide until I filled out all the white spots. You can resize and reshape the pictures on Google Slides or Pic Stitch. Most photo editing apps have this feature. You can even try it out on Powerpoint or Canva.

👉🏽You can keep it on your computer or iPad background, or you can even print it out and laminate it. You can add to a frame. There are so many options. Many people even do this really big and add it to a cork board or a bulletin board. It is truly you what you want to do and how you wish to create it.

Location is Important !

Think about why you want to have the vision board. It should be somewhere you always look and will always have an opportunity to experience on a daily basis. You want to feel reminded what what you are hoping for for your future is manifesting as you begin your day on a weekly basis.

Have you ever made a vision board? What kind did you make? Please share below.


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