How to Save Money in 2021

Every new year we say we want to save more money, but we don’t really create a budget. Budgets sound boring and take a lot of time, but if you start by thinking about what you want to cut out of your spending, you can start to prioritize what you spend money on little by little.

Below are ten ways that you can save money this year:

  1. Order less take out.
  2. Walk or bike when possible.
  3. Take lunch to work. Cook extra dinner and save it for the next day. It will save you at least $10 dollars a day.
  4. Cut down on the amount cabs, Ubers you take.
  5. Cancel subscriptions that you do not use anymore or as often anymore.
  6. If you can put a bill on autopay and save a couple extra bucks on your bills do it. I know T-mobile offers $10 off per line if you sign up to auto-pay. I found myself saving $40 dollars a month because I have 4 lines. Ask around you never know what they will tell you.
  7. Go grocery shopping during sales and buy enough for at least a week. Avoid going day by day. You end up spending more money.
  8. Have a goal for how much money you want to have in 1 month, 6 months, 12 months. Whatever is your time span. Think about how much money you need saved, and this will help you know how much you need to cut back on. Saving money does not mean you stop living and spending your hard earn money.
  9. Join a Save Your Change program. Try Varo Bank. They have a Save Your Change savings account. Also acorn, has a save your change program. They round up from any change you would get on any debit or credit payment. That change goes to your savings account. You will be shocked to find out how much change you can save up per month.
  10. Gather all your coins!! Sometimes we throw coins around and do not really account for them. Start a little jar and you will see in a couple of months you could have $50 or more dollars.

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