What Does My Ideal Day Look Like in 2021 ?

My ideal day would look something like this: (NOTE: I am a homebody)

10:00AM – Wake up / Read for 20 minutes. Start my day on a positive note. Don’t log into social media until after I have ate breakfast and gotten myself ready.

10 – 11 AM – Eat breakfast and get ready for the day while listening to my favorite songs from my Spotify playlist.

11AM – 12pm– Watch some afternoon TV / YouTube in bed or couch no preference. Probably couch in 2021 because I spent a lot of 2020 in my bed under the covers. It’s good to change up the scenery and enjoy other parts of your home.

1PM: LUNCH TIME : Make LUNCH because in 2021 we aren’t wasting money on take out everyday. LOL .

2PM: Afternoon Nap. Rest relax Regroup. Even if I don’t close my eyes. Just taking a moment to rest and reset will be perfect for me.

4PM: Wake up from nap. Go for a walk or run errands. I can also try yoga or fitness videos on Youtube. In 2021, I want to be a little more active and take care of my body more.

7PM- Back home. Its Dinner Time :). If not cooked by me, cooked by hubby. Glass of wine on the side? Drinking in moderation is another goal of 2021. Wish me luck. lol

8PM – 11PM – Watch TV. Read. Bubble Bath. Ending my nights with a nice shower or bath will help me so much with relaxing. I also need to find a nice audible that I can listen to while I’m in the shower. lol

Midnight- Go to Sleep or Write 🙂 . Zero screen time so it does not mess up my sleeping patterns.

While some of these won’t be possible on the days that I work, especially the times. It will be nice to still be able to follow this schedule on most days to bring me some type of consistency. I feel like if I make it a rule of my life, it will help make me a bit more responsible.

Planning on weekend nights has also been very helpful to my weekly schedule because now I have time during the week to actual be a human and not focus so much on work after work. It just becomes a cycle that I don’t want to be a part of it. It makes me hate my job when I love it. It makes me want to call out, when I’d do anything to be present everyday and support those that depend on me.

What are some changes you are making in your life in 2021? Please share in the comments below. I would love to get some ideas.

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