Holiday Blues

Does anyone else just feel sad during the holidays or is it just me? Every year I notice my mood just plummets for the holidays for no good reason, and I know so many people that have mentioned the same thing.

Why is it that the holidays get us so sad? There are so many possible reasons.

  1. Family relationships
  2. Financial aspects
  3. You don’t take part in the holiday traditions.
  4. Personal Reasons / Private

The list goes on. Based on who you are, you will have something that will trigger you during the holidays if you normaly get the holiday blues.

What can you do to combat the holiday blues?

Don’t let the holiday blues stop you. Here are a list a things you can do to help you with your holiday blues.

1.Listen to music.

Music is an escape for me and I love listening to music to make my day better. I listen to my favorite artists and I just close my eyes and dance.

2.Take a relaxing bath.

Nothing takes the edge of like a nice hot bath or shower. Sometimes the bathroom is the only quiet and private place a person has. Especially if you are part of a big family.

3. Socialize with people that make you happy.

Sometimes the holidays put you in a bad mood because you have to see people you do not want to see 365 days out of the year let alone during the holidays. Get attention with people in your close circle that always put a smile on your face.

4.Watch a favorite movie or show.

Nostalgia will be the death of me. Nothing puts me in a great mood than watching one of my favorite movies or shows. Classic 90’s comedies have me in tears of laughter when I need it the most.

5.Write in a journal. Draw. Paint

Do something creative. Get your feelings out in a journal or by doing a drawing. Being creative is a fun way to distract the mind and get rid of the holiday blues.

6.Cuddle your pets.

I love my cats. Whenever I feel down, I just cuddle and watch tv with them. This can be fun with any type of pets. If you don’t have pets, I’m so

7.Go for a run / exercise.

I am lazy, but when I work out I feel like a weight has been lifted. Even if it is just once a week, I love to get active and release some anxiety and stress in my workouts.

8. Unplug from everything.

Social media is the death of our moods on most days because we are always trying to compete with another. One thing I have learned is to take everything with a grain of salt, and don’t compare your life to anyones. Follow your own path. Take social media breaks, and live your life away from “standards.”

9.Read a new book.

Start reading a new book. Read about an interesting fact. These are ways that you can distract your mind from negativity but also better yourself and learn something new.

10.Go Shopping.

You can never go wrong with a little retail therapy. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

What do you do to cut your holiday blues? Comment down below.

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