Poem: Unfortunately Trying by Jules

It’s unfortunate

That it will always be this

That it will always be me

Trying to patch things us

I’m all out of thread

There’s not enough stitches

To mend this heart


But here I am

Trying to make things right

How could you see knee deep

And not give me a hand to stand up beside you


I’m nervous to try this again

I’m tired to see what will be of our mistakes

We left the ashes where they were

And somehow they still find a way to light back up


Why do we punish ourselves in agony?

Just to want to take a deep breath

Away from each other

Most of the times

I think of

A better life without you

But how can me be without you


Nothing makes sense without you

And it was never written to be this way

So I will take the invisible ink and force my hand

I crossed my heart a thousand times

And still I pray for you

I pray that this was all  worth it.



  1. This poem is truly beautiful.
    The heart wants what it wants. At times it may justify second chances. And other times choosing again the one who hurt us, is a worse experience than before.
    Lovely poem 💚

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