How To Build A Reading Life Into Your Busy Schedules ๐Ÿ“š

Reading has been a part of our lives one way or another. Many of us fell in love with reading from a young age, while others as adults. It can turn into one of your favorite pastimes, but when it comes adulting and daily life, it is hard to have time to actually read a book and enjoy it.

Below are some tips you can use in order to build a reading routine into your busy daily life schedules.

Wake Up Early

1.Wake up early or maybe 20 minutes before you alarm and read for 20 minutes. Reading does not have to be a whole day experience or even for hours. Take 20-30 minutes to read a little bit of your book. You will find that you are able to read a lot more when you time yourself and just focus on reading for those couple of minutes before you have to start your daily routines.


Browse Different Genres On GoodReads

2.Browse for books on GoodReads and find books that you are interested in. Don’t just ask for recommendation from friends or family. Search for books in genres that you are interested in and on topics you want to learn more about. Sometimes we abandon books because it is not interesting to us.


Squeeze in Some Reading Time During Daily Transitions

3.During the day, squeeze in some reading between daily tasks. Maybe you are waiting for the laundry to come out of the dryer. Read. Maybe you are just laying around scrolling through Instagram. Exchange one of those Instagram binges for some reading time.


Read Before Bedtime

4. Read before bedtime. Read a Chapter of your book before you go to bed. It not only relaxes the mind, but helps calm your body down. It’s good to go to bed with simple thoughts, and not the stressors of your daily life.


Listen to An Audible

5. Some people love to hold a physical book, but there is nothing wrong with listening to an Audible. It is something you can do at anytime. While you shower, wash dishes, go for a run, on your commute to work, you can have your Audible on and you can still enjoy the story or learn more information on a topic.


Read Shorter Texts

6. Read a book that has a collection of short stories. It can be intimidating sometimes to read a lengthier book especially when you do not have a lot of time for reading. Try starting with a book of short stories or try shorter stories.


Read an Informational Text or Self-Help Book

7.Read an informational text or a self-help book. It is rewarding when you can read something that you are learning more about a topic or bettering yourself. Additionally, there is not a lot of pressure to finish those books quickly so you won’t forget what is happening in the plot. You can read as you can and sometimes can even be read out of order depending on the information you are trying to learn.


Alternative Between Two Books

8.  Have 2 books you are reading at a time. This is helpful because sometimes we do not want to read something because we may not be in the mood for that genre at the particular time. Have 2 books from to different genres that you can alternate reading depending on your mode. This could also mean alternating between Audible and the physical book you are reading.


Have An Audible of The Physical Book You Are Reading

9. Get the Audible of the physical book you are reading. Sometimes we want to continue reading the book we have at home but it maybe to bulky to carry around. Try getting the Audible of the book so you can listen to it when you are out and about. You can catch up with your book at the supermarket line or as you do our nails at the beauty salon.


Motivate Yourself With A Reading Goal

10.  Make a reading goal for the month or for the year on how many books you want to read and finish. This helps keep you in check, and continuing to find new books to read so that you can accomplish your goal. It could be your own personal goal that you can track on your personal planner, or GoodReads has an amazing system for completing reading goals and keeps a visual tracker to hold you accountable.


What do you do to build a reading routine into your daily life? Which tip did you find helpful?


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