Poem: Closure by Jules

I closed this door long ago

I made every excuse

An opportunity

To keep that door ajar

Hoping you would step inside

Fill me up with lies

Make me feel stuffed

With what I want to hear

And less of what’s truth

Even if it’s just for a split second

I’ll take the high

I’ll soak in the moments

Thats where I feel on top

But I’m addicted to the pain

The way you have the power

To make me feels so good but

At the same time sting me with hope

Every time

To bring me down

But only watch me pick myself up

Living off of deceit

I never saw another way

I take a sneak peak at the past

My thoughts begin to linger

There’s not a chapter I haven’t read

Where it makes sense without you

So I’ll take the prescribed antidote

But I hate to say it babe

My only cure is you

The most expensive kind of treatment

The type that requires

More of your love

But less in return.


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