Poem: Today, Tomorrow, and Always by Jules ❤️

We said “I do”

We said “forever”

We said “til death do us part”

So, why are you so quick to leave

With my heart still beating

With today, tomorrow, and always

Still engraved in my heart

I gave you more than half my heart

So as I lay here, I lay empty

I lay with tears dripping down my eyes

They soak the pillows where we promised

Our bodies would never be apart

But here I lay, alone, empty, lost, & forgotten

The one I loved and thought I knew

Has become more than a stranger

Than a man I’ve never met

I knew you then, but now I know you less

I know less of who I was with you

Than who I am when I am not with you

Bring me back the parts of me that made me feel alive before you

Help me make sense of what the cards have in store for me without you

You said you’d be the one to protect me

But now I find myself looking for protection from you.


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