How To Keep A Healthy Relationship in The Times Of Social Media

It’s so hard to not post everything you want about your relationship on social media, but that doesn’t mean to not show parts that you want to. When you are in love, you want to show it and express it, and if you are big on social media, you want it to be part of the story you tell on your timeline.

However, as we all have grown to know posting your every move on social media, can invite unnecessary criticism into your relationship and assumptions about what your relationship is or is not. This is sometimes harmful to the relationship because you feel like you have to keep a certain image or be perfect all the time.

It’s even worse when you see other couples on social media, and you start comparing it to your own relationship. This can become a huge influence on how you feel about your relationship and you may even begin to imitate these other relationships when that is not the authenticity of your relationship. This is how social media can be harmful to relationships. This can also reflect in your non-romantic relationships.

This does not mean that you don’t post about your relationship anymore or that you don’t show your significant other on social media anymore, but you should be careful and evaluate why you post certain things about your relationship or what you are doing in your relationship.

Here are 5 ways that you can keep your relationship healthy in the times of social media.

1. Do not compare your relationship to other relationships you see on social media. The relationships you see on social media do not highlight the real life and daily conflicts a relationship goes through. It is a snapshot of the best parts appropriate to share with the world. You live and breathe your relationship everyday. Don’t feel like your relationship is not good enough because it does not look like what you are seeing on Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat.

2. Don’t feel forced to post an image of your relationship only because you see other people doing it. If you want to take a picture at the moment fine do it. If you want to post for your own personal want to post do it. Do not do it to compete with what other couples are doing or try to duplicate it in a picture or video. When you look at your pictures or videos, you want to feel like this is your relationship.

3. Don’t over expose your relationship. It is okay to keep certain parts of your relationship private. Have a conversation with your partner and discuss boundaries on what you want to be posted on the internet and what you don’t want posted on the internet. It is okay to keep certain intimate moments for yourself and keep that on your personal devices or somewhere else only certain people in your life can see. Sometimes you see your relationship grow more because you gave it some respect or privacy.

4. Don’t force your significant other to take a picture or make a video when you are in a middle of a fight or argument. Sometimes we want to force a moment to happen. Let things happen naturally. Do not live your life for social media. It’s okay to unplug and just live your life. Social media is not life. It is an accessory to life.

5. Don’t force your relationship to be something that it is not. It is okay to have your own unique flow within your relationship. Everyone’s relationship is different. When you do post about your relationship on social media, highlight the parts of your relationship that is unique. Do not try to mimic what you see because that is not original to your relationship. Even if this means, that your best pictures or moments are kept between you two and aren’t even documented in any type of media.

In conclusion, do not have a relationship for likes or comments. Appreciate what you have and let it be what it actually is.

What are your ground rules for your relationship on social media? Comment down below.




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