True Life: I’m An Introverted Capricorn


True Life: I’m an introverted Capricorn. I feel like this is a diagnoses that I have had to deal with my whole life and it was not until now that I realized that it is something that people choose to judge me by.

People have a lot of negative things to say about Capricorns for example:

  1. Selfish
  2. Only care about working
  3. Serious: Only Care about themselves.
  4. Can’t take a joke
  5. Sarcastic
  6. Don’t show emotion
  7. Very reserved

The list goes on. While I do agree some of these things are true, Capricorns are just misunderstood. We do have feelings, we do care about others, we just aren’t so open about it all the time. We build walls around ourselves and speaking from an introverted perspective, you observe and notice a lot about people’s behavior, so that is what keeps you from being guarded.

Sometimes I am not sure why people find me so unapproachable because I do feel like I can give off friendly vibes, but I guess I do have resting bitch face sometimes and that can be intimidating, and just the fact that I am also introverted makes me reserved and makes me feel uncomfortable to be extremely open without really knowing the person. Many people always say that their first impression of me was that I was stuck up which is so far from true. I am so humble, and if anything probably lack confidence.

To tell you the truth, people that are so open from the start are a bit shady to me and I just don’t trust it. The moral of all of this is; that you have to have perspective and you have to be open-minded. Not everything is as it appears.

I know several people for years that I have not even opened up to completely or shown the real side of me. I think that as much as people try to say Capricorns have no emotions. We do. We are very critical of ourselves and others, and sometimes that makes it hard for us to show our emotions to other people.

I am friends with many Capricorns. My mom is a Capricorn, my husband, and my sister in law, so just by what I have observed from being around them it’s not that we have all these horrible traits is that we do care about how we look to others, so we never want to be caught looking stupid. This means that yes we will be more reserved and we will be careful who we get close to.

This makes it hard to make a lot of new friends, and sometimes keep friends because not everyone understands our humor or our way of being. It takes a strong person to be friends with a Capricorn, from what I have learned other Earth signs do well with Capricorns because we are very guarded and when we are in close relationships and friendships we make them last a lifetime.

That being said, I do have a lot of friends that I have had for years, but sometimes I feel like I notice that I am not always included in certain things.  Trust me this is when things get tricky, yes I am introverted but when I find my chosen few that I trust and care for, I will there for them no matter what, and will have zero issues stepping out to be with them. The best part of being introverted is that you do feel other people’s vibes, and I can totally tell when people just have me around to use me for their own benefit, and it is pretty hurtful.

I also feel like I sometimes lack support from the people around me when it comes to my artistic endeavors. I am naturally creative and I have always enjoyed doing things like reading, writing, acting, doing diy projects and home decorating. These are things I enjoy doing and I have met very few people that actually have supported me when it came to that.

I actually had a best friend for over 10 years that never once followed my poetry page even though I promoted it on my personal social media. This truly hurt me, but this is another reason why I no longer promote my creative endeavours on my personal social media websites because if people find my blog an actual enjoy reading it and because it is something they find interest in.

Even though I have lost many friends, I have opened my eyes to who my true supporters are and who the people that will always be there for me are. Thank you to those that accept me for me even if I am reserved, sarcastic, and sometimes to myself. Those close to me know the love and care I have to give.

Those who stick around long enough will get to experience all of me, and that is something I will always value above all.

Are you an Introvert Capricorn or can you related to any of these experiences? Please comment down below.


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