Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

Cats can be adorable and playful companions that you can have for over 15+ years, but many people do not know how much responsibility, training, and patience it takes to care for a cat. This is why many cats end up being stray cats or brought back to the shelters.

Below are a list of things you should consider before you bring them home.

  1. Cats need to be litter box trained and need enough space to do their business.
  2. Make sure your cat is spayed or neutered because it can put your cat at tremendous health risks.
  3. Female cats can get their periods and its messy. They also go into heat and will be meowing and spraying all over the house. Male cats will try to hump everything and also spray. It can get messy and smelly. Get them neutered or spayed ASAP.
  4. Cut their nails at least every other week, and stay consistent with it, so it does not turn into a pain when they get bigger.
  6. Buy tons of Catnip. It helps with cat training, it makes them more playful, and if you put some on their beds or cat trees it will attract them to those areas.
  • 7.Get a cat tree. Cats love hanging out in high places.

8.Provide a balance of dry and wet food in their daily diet. Wet food provides them with extra hydration. Some cats are picky And don’t like to drink water, and some may only prefer to eat dry food.

9.Try to provide areas in your home where your cat can hang out. Remember high places is where they thrive.

10.Try not to free feed unless you work a lot have have no choice. Cats can get obese more than likely if they are free fed.

11.Cat proof your home. Put away wires and anything you don’t want chewed up or destroyed.

12.Vet bills can her pricy. Try to have some type of insurance or emergency credit card that you can you incase your cat has an emergency.

13.If you have an outdoor cat, make sure they have all their shots.

14.Cats are one of the best cuddle companions but do give them time to warm up to you.

15.Cats will scratch couches, curtains, rugs, chairs, mattress and just about anything because it is in there nature. Have tons of cat scratchers (boxes work also) or cat trees on deck, so your cats had somewhere to scratch and doesn’t scratch your precious belongings.

16.If you are bringing home a second cat, make sure to give them time to warm up to each other and give them space before you leave them alone together. Cats are territorial and they will fight and there may be blood involved.

17.Don’t give your cats a bath. They bathe themselves. Only do it if they are outdoor cats and you are worried about ticks.

18.Groom your cats daily to eliminate excessive hairballs .

19.Schedule time for the vet at least yearly to make sure you cat is healthy.

20.Buy a cat carrier for trips to the vet or if you ever have to step out with your cat for whatever reason.

Cats make a great addition to any home. Just make sure that not only your home is ready but also your heart to welcome your new furry friend.

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  1. This is a great post! I wish more people would be responsible about entering into pet ownership and realize what a commitment it is! (And that is one devastatingly cute kitty! 😻)

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