How I Start My Week On A Positive Note

Sometimes we feel in a funk a we do not know why. This often happens to me on Sundays when I realize I have to go back to work and back to adulting. I love going on Pinterest or We Heart It and finding inspirational quotes that are significant to me and adding them to a board or collection.

Sometimes you have to communicate your feelings about a topic in different ways. Many people use words of affirmation on a daily to motivate them to do better for themselves.

We don’t always have the right words to say to ourselves because that would mean we have to show our weaknesses and come face to face with what is really going on within us. This is why I love going on Pinterest and We Heart It and letting the words find me.

Today I’m at peace and my mind will no longer over-analyze the past or stress about the unknown ahead. I am present in the moments in front of my eyes- Jennae Cecelina

This quote resonates with me because at times what we are really worried about is the past or the things we cannot control in our lives. Even the unknown future may cause us to feel blah and unmotivated.

I think an important lesson for all of us is to live more in the present and enjoy the moments that are happening right now because those are the only moments you really have the opportunity to control and enjoy. I have found myself wasting a whole day dwelling on the past and then I come back to the present and the day is done.

I know it is easier said than done, but even if the way the world is shaping to be. “The new normal”, there is so much that is uncertain, and the only thing we truly know is the moments we are living in this exact moment.

So much has been lost in the last four months. It’s time we start living again. It’s okay if its not the same as 4 months ago, but let this be a time to turn a new leaf in our life and try something new.

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