Story Time: I Got Robbed By A Taxi Driver

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It was the Summer of 2013, and it was one of those drunk nights that required me to take a cab home instead of waiting for the train. Living in New York City, you normally party downtown, and I lived and still live uptown, so this always meant a one hour commute on the train, and I was way too drunk to commit to a one hour train ride.

From what I remember, I hailed a cab instead of calling one or getting one from Uber. (FIRST MISTAKE) It was a yellow taxi. I remember telling him my address and letting him know I needed to stop at an atm and get cash because I had no cash. The taxi’s card machine was not working. He said it was no problem to just let him know when we were close, so that he can stop and get the money I needed.

My husband was my boyfriend at the time, so I immediately called him to let him know that I was on my way. Which was something we always did. We kept in contact whenever I went out for safety reasons. I would also share my location with him just in case. Sadly my iPhone died on my way home, and I fell asleep from being so drunk and car rides naturally make me sleepy. (MISTAKE NUMBER TWO)

I did not arrive home for another hour or so, and this was normally a 20-30 minutes taxi drive. When I finally woke up, I was in front of the house I lived in, and my husband was standing outside and he looked so worried. I automatically remembered I had not paid not taxi driver yet, so I told the taxi driver, I haven’t paid you lets go to the atm, as I opened the car door, so I could let my husband know that we would have to make another stop.

The taxi driver did not even turn to me and kept looking forward and said “you already paid me”. I do not remember paying him at all. As I stepped out the cab and everything started making sense, I realized he stole my iPhone.

He drove off so fast I didn’t even get to close the door. I was so disappointment in myself for letting myself get caught off guard like that, but at the same time jokes on him because my iPhone was broken and glitched and it was holding on to dear life. The phone was not able to turn on because it was missing a screw at the bottom this was the iPhone 4s. Not sure if any of you have experienced similar drama.

As soon, as I got home I searched through my bad to make sure that he did not take any of my cards from my wallet, but everything was there. Thank God. My husband then informed me that I was missing for over an hour, and we were able to verify because of the time I had called his phone to let him know I was on my way home. Very scary night.

Moral of the story: Please be careful when you go out to drink on your own. Especially if you are in your early twenties and this is when you are finally learning to drink and going out. This could of ended up being so much worst since I fell asleep in the cab. He could of driven me to a random location and I would of never been found because I had no phone. Everyday I thank God that he is always with me and protecting me. That day was a real eye opener for me and I never drank like that ever again.

Do you have a scary drunk night moment? Feel free to share down below.

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