How To Make Your Weekend More Enjoyable When Self-Isolating

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During this crazy pandemic, it seems like everyday we find ourselves having to stay home more and more in order to self-isolate and just have distance from others. Especially when you are immunocompromised, it is very difficult to feel like you can go about your normal life again when the virus is still out there.

Everyday feels like a Friday, if you are working from home or if you are on break from work.

Below are a list of things you can add to your daily routines to make your days more enjoyable and interesting.

I try to avoid using social media too much during these times because it just causes too much anxiety and makes you feel a bit worst about everything that is going on in the world, but I understand that its def inevitable and sometimes you find an account or two that make your laugh or just make your forget about what is going on in the world. If you have accounts like that in your feeds, hold them close to you because they can truly help you get through these hard times.


  1. Yoga, stretch , breathe, go for a run
  2. Read a book
  3.  Write in a journal
  4. Make a nice breakfast and have coffee in bed
  5. Catch up on news and current events
  6. Take a nice relaxing shower
  7. If you have pets, spend time with your pets, feed, cuddle, nurture.
  8. Take your dog for a walk if you have one.
  9. Plan your day out in a calendar.
  10. Review your to-do list for any important task for the day.
  11. Make a grocery lists if your running low. Use instacart or other delivery method to order groceries if you do not want to go out.



  1. Watch a show or movie
  2. Take a nap / take advantage and get some peacefulness into your life
  3. Work out, do cardio, dance
  4. Make lunch or spoil yourself and order takeout
  5. Listen to an audible / audiobook
  6. Wipe down and clean any areas of your home your use a lot like bathroom sinks, toilets, and kitchen counters
  7. Catch up on your dishes even if it means washing a few every time you walk by the kitchen.
  8. Call a friend or family members. If you are like me and hate calling me, text or sent an email to someone that you have not spoken to in a bit.



  1. Make dinner
  2. Listen to a podcast
  3. Wind down with some wine or tea
  4. Write a daily reflection
  5. Meditate
  6. Check your planner or calendars for any pending task for the day or things that need to be done tomorrow.
  7. Do some light reading
  8. Get rid of any negative thoughts from your brain but jotting them down or recording it in a voice note.


How do you like to spend your days during quarantine or when self-isolating?

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