The Real Reason Will Smith looks like he’s about to cry during his Red Table Talk with Jada

So if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 5 hours, you have seen all the news, memes, and tweet about Jada and Will Smith’s red table talk amidst Jada’s infidelity scandal with August. That tea was too hot to handle.

Besides “entanglements” being a key term used during this interview to explain her “relationship with August”, something else that was very very interesting and hard to miss was Will’s facial expression, body language, and just uncomfortable aura.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 9.47.03 PM

But why does he looked so hurt if this couple has been so vocal about their open marriage and their willingness to allow other partners into their relationship?

The true reason Will Smith is looking so hurt is because it is very hard for men to accept that a woman could step out their marriage/relationship and actually feel happy and fulfilled. August made it very clear that there was love, connection, and just mutual respect for Jada. Jada also reciprocated this same information when speaking of August during the interview and during other insistences showing his respect for him, and how he was someone she cared for an would always admired.

Secondly, having an affair hurts but it is definitely worst when the person catches feelings. It obviously just wasn’t a booty call. There was more. There is a huge difference between emotional infidelity and a sexual relationship. Both are bad, but when they are both together it makes it hard for a couple that is trying to make it work. There was emotions, a connection, and a lot of time spent together. Jada states that this was during a time that she needed to feel good, so you know she was open in her heart to feeling something she had not been feeling with Will for a long time. I am sure it was very hard for Will to accept that during their break to looked for comfort in someone else instead of running back to him.

Third and lastly, the real reason Will Smith is looking hurt during is Red Table Talk with Jada is because now people are all in their business, and he is embarrassed. Lets not forget that a man’s ego will be the death of them. It is very obvious that they have both have been unfaithful and have been with other people. This is something they have both been vocal about. This just becomes an uncomfortable conversation for Will to have in front of the world because he is the one that got “cheated” on in front of the public eye, and everyone basically knows the detail. This was something that happened 4 years ago, and something that seemed to be old news for them, but by Will’s facial expressions throughout the whole interview he just looks hurt, embarrassed and defeated.

It is never easy to relive infidelity, but for a couple that acted like being with others was normal for them Will is acting real funny.

Nevermind, how their kids must be feeling about this because I’m sure this had to be a whole separate conversation with their kids. I do applaud them for being so strong and having this conversation in front of the world. Even though the interview had many questionable red flags, like Will saying he would be getting even?!?!?, I’m glad they opened up a conversation and platform for other couples to explore if they have experienced the same thing.

Why do you think Will is looking so defeated while Jada still seems to be holding it together?

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  1. I didn’t see this conversation but the photo of Will Smith with teary eyes captures the essence of it. I’d heard that he and Jada had an open relationship so I agree with you that his reaction seems confusing. I think people think they can handle open relationships/polyamory but they can’t handle the jealousy once their partner seems happier with the other person. I guess they want their relationship to be primary and the other ones only as temporary flings. I’m for monogamy, one partner is enough drama for me.

    • Exactly !! They had this open marriage that they always spoke about openly with the world and felt comfortable and secure doing it so him looking so broken seems ego driven.

      Also, I totally agree one partner is more than enough drama for me😂😅

      • Maybe they should’ve had a rule to keep the other affairs to themselves, too much information to handle! Many people think open relationships deter jealousy, but I think the opposite is true! 🙂

      • I agree! I always said no matter what it must hurt to know your partner is with someone else. That’s just way to much info. I barely want to know details about the past before me 🤣😂. Just Wills reaction shows that it’s not always “cool”. I suspect they were both unfaithful and then tried to play it off like it was an open marriage when they both were just cheating and used it as a cover up since eventually one of the side people were going to speak out.

      • I agree, I don’t want to know much about my partner’s previous relationships. I’m jealous and honest about it 🙂. I think the only way for open relationships to work is if you don’t love any of the partners and are just friends with benefits with all of them but I can’t go with that arrangement either though, it seems so shallow. Maybe since Will and Jada have been married so long they got bored and thought to add some drama without feeling like they were “cheating” but it looks like Will regrets it now!

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