Bandage The Damage

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 11.19.30 PM

I can’t front

It still hurts

&  I hate it

My chest pounds

My heart feels heavier

I can’t swallow once or twice

Without wanting to vomit

But there’s nothing to give back

You left me empty just as I was filling myself back up

I’m just stuck in a moment

It won’t go away & it won’t wash away

No matter how many tears I cry ; the wounds just keep on reciprocating

I ran out of band aids and let you come have a touch

Before I was ready to heal

Carelessly,  ripping off more than I was ready to let go

Why is it so hard to love just me?

Why must there always be someone else?

I can’t find a more softer way to say it

But there’s not many ways to accept in words

That you cheated

&; as much as I love to think I’m always on your mind

I know that I’m just  another one of them.


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