5 Reasons Why Coronavirus Has Given Us All Trust Issues !

Coronavirus has turned the world upside down and spinned it a few times over. We have all been forced to pause and slow down, and adapt so much in such a short period of time. The change will only continue to happen and the feelings that come with it will be overwhelming and may cause you to trust the information presented.

We have learned so much about coronavirus in the passed three months. It has been information overload and information has even counterattacked each other.

We don’t know what’s true anymore. Below are 5 reasons why coronavirus has given us all trust issues.

1. Information about the virus and how it is passed from person to person is constantly changing. From when the virus first came about to this day in June 2020 information about the virus keeps changing, so it’s hard to trust information about the virus itself.

2.It can effect people in different ways. At first they said only people 50 and up would were vulnerable, but now even kids have gotten the virus, and many adults in their 20s and 30s have gotten extremely ill and even died. No one knows how this virus will hit them. The amount of people who have died from the virus is alarming so fear and mistrust for any information about it is only normal.

3.Symptoms range from no symptoms at all to severe symptoms like chest pains, lung damage, trouble breathing, coughing , sneezing, fever, body aches, vomiting, diabetes. It’s an endless lists of symptoms and you just don’t know how it will get you to feel.

4. People are starting to gather together and aren’t get infected like they were before. Many people are starting to go about their normal lives and meeting with friends and families and no one is getting sick at a high rate like it was happening in March. Is the virus still out there or have people become immune ?

5. Schools are still deciding on whether or not schools will continue to learn remotely or go back into the school building. If the school buildings don’t open up, does it mean the virus is still out there or could effect us a lot. How can kids really stay 6 feet apart for long periods of time?

No one truly knows what the fate of the world will be if coronavirus is such a new virus to the world. That is what makes this such a tricky situation for everyone to trust.

We are all dealing with the unknown and the unknown is hard to accept. It makes you doubt and mistrust any information that is presented to you because it’s so foreign and unfathomable.

Whatever is to come will be a tough pill to swallow, but humans have been adapting to changes for many generations. Maybe we are just the generation that is going to experience how the change came about.

Whats giving you trust issues about coronavirus or are you ready to take on the world?

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