20 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids that Encourage Bonding and Family Time *

Here are a list of fun activities you can do with your kids if you are ever home and wish to encourage more bonding and family time.

I know sometimes we are home and everyone is in their own worlds in their tablets, games, books, or tv shows. It is good to sometimes pause with the family and do activities that promote bonding and family time.

Here are some activities that you can do with your kids.

1. Arts and crafts. Kids love arts and crafts and creating something out of household items. There are so many art projects you can do with just everyday home items. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house and find different things you can do to make an art piece.

2. Movie night. With all the streaming services, there is always a way to watch a new movie. Bring the movies to your home by renting or movie that is already in theatres or one that has already came out.

3. Paint night. Have a kid friendly paint and sip. Simple Painting Tutorial

4. Spa day. 

5. Act out favorite part from movie/ show.

6. Act out favorite part from a book.

7. Read a book. Reading a book to your child is always a great bonding experience no matter what age they are.

8. Picnic. With the weather getting better it’s great to experience the great outdoors in a simple and traditional way.

9. Take a walk. Long walks are a great way to change the scenery and at the same time, have a chat, get some fresh air.

10. Unplug from technology have a conversation.

11. Dance, exercise, yoga. I love putting on some Just Dance with my daughter and just dancing the morning away.

12. Build a fort. Have a camp out in the living room. Use blankets and pillows to make everything super cozy.

13. Play board games and card games! So many kids do not know how to play a simple card game or board game because they spend so much time on tablets. Teaching them how to play a board game or card game is a great bonding experience.

14. Teach how to tie shoes, type, make a sandwich , cereal

15. Make your own play-doh or slime. Play Doh/ SlimeHow to Make Play DohHow to make slime

16. Take a class together. Now with social distancing, many places are doing live streams of online dance classes, work out classes, paint classes. There’s nothing Google can’t find.

17. Play pretend / with toys. Playing pretend and playing with physical toys is another important part of childhood that many kids miss out of because of the electronics. Tapping into their imagination is beneficial for them to develop their creativity and learn new ways to stay entertained.

18. Video chat with another friend / family members. I know times have been lonely. Facetime-ing or Zooming close friends and family with your child is a great way to pass the time.

19. Ride bikes / roller blade.

20. Play charades or Taboo. 


What’s your favorite bonding activity to do at home?


  1. Fun things to do indeed . Our fav is picnic by the beach , sometimes we just drive along coastal HWY and park close to the ocean , open the rear door and enjoy outdoors away from the crowd.

  2. My toddler love to play “catch me”…. I am the one who get screwed since I will be dragging myself in between😜😜😜 Toddlers are with full on energy…. ☺️☺️☺️

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