Book Review “A Good Marriage” by Kimberly McCreight

A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight is a fast paced thriller/romance that has you on your toes from the very beginning. I personally prefer books that have you hooked from the very first page and do not drag you on for several chapters with just backstory. McCreight included provides of perfect balance of backstory, plot, and court testimony.

When Lizzie Kataski receives a phone call from Rikers Island, her whole world turns upside down. The inmate is an old friend , Zach Grayson. Zach is going through some very tough times now that he is behind bars, getting beaten daily, and being accused of his wife’s , Amanda, death after a party where she was found dead. 

What happened the night of the party and what happens at these parties that all these couples have their lips sealed about?

The story takes readers through the past and the present occurrences before and after this epic party. This leads readers to put the pieces back together in order to figure out what happened on the night of Amanda’s death. As you read more into the book, you will find out more about what happened at these parties and what made that not so significant to understand what happened that night.

Through the process Kimberly McCreight intertwined the various romantic relationships dynamics to broadcast the many different ways that relationships can be depicted.

Additionally, Kimberly McCreight invites us into the courtroom which is another vital piece in understanding and figuring out the mystery of the story. I personally loved reading through the court documents. If you are a fan of criminal mind shows this will work for you.

This story is beautifully written and is a true page turner and I felt myself connecting with the characters. As much as I wanted to read the book in a day, I savored the moment to enjoy the story better.

I found myself confirming and adjusting my predictions on what would be the fate of Zach and what could of possibly happened to Amanda.The ending is powerful and leaves you with a powerful message. To me is to never judge a marriage by its cover. Every relationships will have its light and dark moments, and it’s what keeps the relationships growing and maturing.

Many of the dark decisions sometimes overshadow the light and it makes it difficult to continue the relationship, be faithful, or be completely satisfied with the dynamics. Sometimes we look at other people’s relationships and compare it to our own or lack of our own to others , and that is the worst thing someone can do.

Look at what is inside of you and appreciate what’s there. There’s always room for building and renewing, but never overshadow the beauty of what’s yours, by looking into the “light” of others.

Even though the book has such a deep message, it is a mystery thriller, so I found myself at the age of my seat, and wanting to read just “one more chapter” every night!!

Have you read “A Good Marriage” or a similar book?

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