20 Tips to Improve Your Mood and Mental State When You Have Anxiety

With everything going on in the world and then the additional day to day triggers can be hard for someone that suffers from anxiety.

It’s great to have different things to do to distract the mind from the negative thought and to relax the body and the mind.

Below are a list of strategies and tips that can be useful.

1. Meditate. Mediating is an amazing way to relax the mind and not think about any possible triggers. Turning on YouTube to some calming music such as rain drops or peaceful water falls can be helpful. They also have many meditation apps like Calm.

2. Read a book. Read a light hearted book or Comic book. Reading is an escape from reality. Reading is a good way to separate your mind from what is doing on right now.

3. Exercise. Going for a run or doing a quick work out at home is a good way to let out any build up stress and release it

4. Watch a movie or tv show. Watching a favorite movie or show is a good distraction for the mind and a great way to calm down for a bit.

5.Talk to a close friend or relative. Reach out to a close friend or relative and even if you don’t speak about what is going on at the moment you can talk about other things that interest you or simply catch up with a friend.

6.Listen to Music. Music and dancing. Enough said, or whatever suits your taste just enjoy yourself in this moment.

7. Write in a journal. Getting your thoughts down on a page is good to get things off your chest. Especially when you don’t have many people to talk to around you. Writing down your thoughts, ideas, your hopes, or what you hope to accomplish can help set your mind into a more positive mindset.

8.Pamper yourself. Go get your hair, nails , haircut, whatever you do to pamper yourself. Even if that means a spa day or going out to eat.

9. Treat yourself: order take out, buy yourself that top you always wanted. Sometimes you need to spoil yourself and make yourself feel good so that you can get through certain parts in your day.

10. Get in your thoughts. Remind yourself that this is only for this moment and soon you will not feel this way. Validate the way you are feeling and breathe. It is okay to be human and react to every day triggers. You are not a robot.

12. Have a picnic. Make your favorite lunch and grab a couple of snacks an head to a near by park or green area. Breathe in the fresh air and just enjoy nature. Especially if you live in a big city, you experience a lot of outside feedback and triggers. It’s okay to pull away sometimes and be alone with yourself and your thoughts and nature.

13. Paint or draw. Do an arts and craft activity. Draw a picture. Paint a picture. Create something you never thought you wanted to create.

14. Rearrange your living space. Sometimes we feel anxiety because our surroundings are cluttered. Clean up the area you are in by putting away anything that does not need to be in the way.

15.Disconnect from social media. Sign out of your social media accounts and I don’t mean for an hour. Try it for a day and you will see how just taking that away will change so much of your mood.

16.Take a nap. The body needs rest and so does the brain. When you juggle a lot in your life, it’s important to close your eyes and nap; even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

17.Take a hot shower. Hot showers will help alleviate any extra tense feelings you may have in your shoulders or back.

18.Don’t watch the news. The news is always full of negative images and messages that can be an added worry to someone that gets anxiety. Staying away from those types of messages would be beneficial.

19.Listen to a podcast or audiobook. Listen to a podcast or audiobook and close your eyes and relax. Focus your mind on visualizing what is being described.

20.Invest in fidget spinner or even clay or play doh. Having a fidget spinner or play doh to play with is satisfying and helps some people relax. The feeling of the clay or play doh is relaxing and calming. The fidget spinner helps focus the mind and helps the person concentrate.

I hope these tips are helpful during those hard times!

What do you do to relieve your anxiety?

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