How “Becoming” By Michelle Obama Inspired Me to Be A Better Woman

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“Becoming” by Michelle Obama is one of the best memoirs I have ever read because it not only taught me about the life of one of the most inspirational, kind, and resilient woman in the world, but also inspired me to want the very same life for myself.

Michelle Obama is not only the former First Lady of the United States, she is Princeton and Harvard graduate, an attorney, an author, a public speaker, and also founded the Chicago chapter of Public Allies which was an organization that prepares young people for careers in public service.

She is a woman of many hats, and that is who we should all be inspired to be. We just don’t want to be ________. You should want more for yourself and that could look different based on your interest, hopes, and dreams.

Michelle Obama is a woman of very humble beginnings, but that did not stop her from wanting to succeed and too dream outside of the box. From a younger age, she knew what she wanted, and she did everything in her power to try to reach those goals from learning piano and to eventually getting accepted to Princeton.

I’m inspired by her accolades, and that she was never in the shadow of her husband but an equal partner and her own individual. She has been with Barack Obama for many years,and supported him during his Presidency and remained strong for him.

It’s great to see amazing examples of love and respect in the media because so many times we so much negativity and so much distortion that it is unclear to know what is real and what is make believe.

Lastly, she taught me that we are always in the process of becoming something more. Something better than yesterday, something better than last month, something better than we ever thought we could be. We just have to believe in ourselves and keep pushing.

I get so inspired by people that make it big. It doesn’t make me jealous, but it makes me want more for myself, and it makes me want to inspire that light into others.

What did you think about “Becoming” by Michelle Obama?

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