Drowning By: Jules P

By: Julissa Parra ❤drowning
Things are getting crazy and I don't know how to feel,
I feel my chest get heavy and I lose my breath 
The more I sit here , I wonder if .....
I have the strength to pant for  more air to live with,
But I can't give in to all my enemies

I'm too strong & yet I am so weak
My knees tremble when the wind blows east, but I want to go North
Why can't we control our destinies?
You dream it one way, and the next: "You don't know what you are looking at."
The skeletons in the closet 
They need to stay locked behind stained glass windows
I will endure their shadows, but I do not want to see them through
I want to walk beside them and accept them as my steps see fit
I stumble but I get back up before I hit the grown.

I want to feel numb, but I'm too afraid to drown.
I'm floating on star shaped floatie, and I'm wishing I'm the one they are wishing on 
Star light, star bright 
the light is darker than pitch black midnight.

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