25th Birthday Revelations 1.15.16

My 25th birthday was two weeks ago and it felt like everyone, but me was making a big deal about it. When the truth is that, it’s another one of those standards that have been set up behind the scenes for people. It makes you feel like by 25 you should have your whole life together. That definition will never be clear to me because for every one I know there is a different standard as to what having their life together is.

I’ve been living on my own since I was 19 and that feels like a lifetime ago. I went from high school to straight adult world. That changed me in so many ways and helped me grow up so much faster than most people my age. That has been both a blessing and a curse at my age, but it help me create distractions that would steer me away from my goals. I feel like I’ve gone through enough in the past few years to earn the “medal” of being a 25 year old adult.

I may not be fully where I want to be in life but I am way closer than I was before. If I start looking back I could see my growth and my accomplishments and I know that I have enough to be proud of.

I will just continue the free spirit that I am. Go where life goes and not stress myself too much about the future. Sometimes we get to wrapped up in what lies ahead that we never take time to enjoy the present, and sometimes that’s all you need to balance out your life style.


  1. Happy Birthday! I was twenty five two weeks ago too, except I’m 50 now. It feels like two weeks ago. Truly. Just enjoy the journey and don’t be afraid to take a chance. I’m halfway there, and wish I could go back and do more of what I was afraid of.

    • Thanks for the sweet words ❤ and I will try my best I can to take advantage of every moment that comes your way. I hope to feel the same way as you at age 50 like my twenties were just two weeks ago. It means that your life was enjoyable and valuable.

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