Short Weekend Reads : “A Severed Head” “Under the Net” By Iris Murdoch 

Pages: 200 

A scandalous short novel that depicts what occurs when a man takes for granted the wife he has at home. In the middle of his affair, he is shocked to discover his wife has been cheating on him as well. Books like these are always interesting to read because it gives you a glimpse into a relationship dynamic that we can one day experience. I enjoy reading books that give you some time of value to take with you throughout life. 

Also by this writer: 

Check out more by Iris Mordoch.

“Under the Net” -“A Comic Novel About Work and Love , Wealth and Fame” 


Pages: 252

Jake Donague is a struggling writer trying to make it in the industry. Follow his journey to writing his first novel as he navigates through the daily obligations of life, love, wealth, and fame.  Another great book that puts life in perspective. 

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