Perfection: How One Word Could Change So Much

Some people confuse happiness with perfection. When in reality, perfection is only what you decide it is. Everyone has their own standard of perfection, and that is all it should be. People’s definition of perfection is what makes it such a hard word to live up to. Not having any flaws is very in humane which is why it is so difficult to achieve among individual personalities. 

Being too perfect takes away from being human or being normal. Once you are described as perfect it is assumed no mistakes can come from you. Sometimes perfection spoils people into thinking nothing will ever go wrong, and that could be in anything in life; whether it be in love, work, friendships, or within your family dynamic. 

Throughout my life I’ve noticed how that word could damage so much. You want that perfect job, or that perfect hair cut, or that perfect spouse, but the moment that hair cut starts growing, or you get a new supervisor,who gives you a hard time, that definition of perfection changes completely. We need to learn to be more flexible to change because only  change and time alter the affects of perfection. 

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