Fall Inspirations in New York City

The Fall is a season that has been overrated for so many years. It seems like as of late people have started to appreciate the beauty of pumpkins, huge sweaters, chillier weather, and the changes of the leaves. I feel this appreciation is very important in New York City. We are a city that experiences all four seasons, but our summers are not as tropical since New York City has very few real beaches. For that reason, the Fall is one of those seasons where New York has its time to shine. 

Being creative means you noticed different elements of life that no one cares to look for. We know that everything serves a purpose and is part of our writing each day. Watching the leaves fall can tell a story worth remembering. 

You can take something new from each season. The Fall is a season that brings darker tales out of me. You see the suspense in the unexpected. Two ghost may fall in love, but it might no mean a happy ending. It also prepares you for change. With the new year just a few months away, people prepare to bring in the changes that will bring a new them.  

The Fall is beautiful, new, orange and brown, Leaves and windy days, Some warm days,and The Nights Come Quicker.

 The Fall is that season that makes you want to appreciate the present. You see how quickly things change. One moment you are at the beach, and the next your bringing down the boxes of scarfs and gloves. It’s that one season where you start to spend more time at home. That brings you more time to think and analyze. This Fall let’s try to bring together the pieces of the bigger picture. Let’s not make it another year of what ifs. Dreams only become real when you dare to be brave.

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  1. it’s interesting topic. long nights and short days called autumn. you should write more about it. I will enjoy. thanks.

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