Top 5 Books to Get Cozy With This Fall

This chilly fall weather just makes me want to stay in with a great book. It’s time for me to stack up my pile for the fall season. Here are a few books I picked out for myself, and I will put up reviews as I finish them up.

  1. The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar
  2. Creep by Jennifer Hillier
  3. The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford
  4. Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica
  5. Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

These novels are a bit dark but it’s only because this weather puts me in the mood to read something so much darker. It reminds me when I was younger and I would curl up in a corner of my grandma’s house and read all of my goosebumps books. That is like a child’s first intro to suspense. It is a feeling that has never left me, so that is why I always lean on suspense titles as my favorite genre to read.

Now to decide which to read first…


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