Book Review: “The Book of You” By Claire Kendal

.. I know you don’t mean to treat me unkindly. You can’t have meant the cruel things you said. I only want to make you happy…

Imagine having to avoid someone you were afraid of being alone with, but this person just so happened to be a coworker.  Every time you try to tell this person that you are not interested in them in any romantic way, he tells you otherwise. He wants you, and he will have you whether you want to or not. That “playing hard to get game” he thinks you’re playing, it is turning him on. It won’t be long before he tries to take it too far.

In the novel, “The Book of You” by Claire Kendal, you meet a woman named Clarissa that is being stalked by a colleague of hers, Ralph. It started with a one night stand that should of never happened, and from there on it was a never ending nightmare. Ralph would send Clarissa letters, gifts, and would show up in random places where she would be. No matter how much Clarissa tries to tell him that night was a mistake, and it should of never happened the more Ralph sinks deeper into denial. Clarissa was his girlfriend, and no one was going to change his judgement.

The story reaches a climax when Clarissa finds out what really happened that night she had alleged willingly spent the night with Ralph. To her luck, Clarissa gets called for a jury duty trial that would last about 7 weeks. During this time she finds refuge in the case and also in a fellow juror named Robert. When Ralph finds out about Robert’s presence in Clarissa’s life things become more aggressive and scary for Clarissa.

As a way of coping with the situation and trying to round up the proper amount of evidence, Clarissa keeps a diary where she keeps track of all her encounters with Ralph. The stories goes between Clarissa’s diary entries, the present narrative, and the trial that Clarissa is a juror for. Readers will find themselves engaged in all of the action. I was turning the pages like a mad woman. I just needed to know what happened next.

“The Book of You” is the story of a young woman stalked into fear of hearing her own name. Every time she heard her named called, she thought it was Ralph trying to take her away from her life. This novel discusses and depicts the judgement many women face when having to accuse a man of a sexual or abusive crime.  A woman has a lot to prove before she is believed, and you will see that throughout this novel.  You will see Clarissa’s struggle to make sure Ralph is found guilty without ruining her dignity.

I would recommend this book to more mature audiences for there is violence, sex, and certain topics that only mature adults would understand. In order to appreciate the theme of this novel, you need to be able to understand and relate to a lot of what is being discussed.

Finally, I will give this book a 5/5 star rating. I really enjoyed reading this novel, and I drew so much from it. Those are the types of books I love to read. A great book where I am entertained, but at the same time learn a valuable life lesson.

This book is a page turner so be prepared to stay up reading. lol

If you read this book or have read it before, comment down below and let me know what you think about it.

Thanks again.

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